on bike


Our expert instructors will take you through 45 minutes of cycling. After a quick warm-up, we’ll get right to the cardio-pumping, leg-blasting fitness party you’ve come to love at The Rev.  Enjoy each instructor’s unique delivery with different styles of music!

Power | Endurance | Speed

on bike


Power through the 45 minutes while being entertained by music videos on the flat screens. Enjoy each instructor’s unique delivery with different styles of music and formats that will have you burning 600-800 calories per class! Don’t worry PIQ still recorded during this class for those riders who want to track their performance!

Power | Endurance | Speed


REV & RIP (45min)

Who says 45 minutes isn’t enough time to revolutionize your day? Turn down the lights and turn up the heart pounding music for 30+ minutes of sweaty pedaling on the bike. A little twist of arms and maybe take it to the floor for some core work.  Finish with a quick stretch.

Strength | Endurance | Power



(25 minutes on the bike followed by 20 minutes of barre-where-you-are style fitness.)

Pedal through 25 min of the cardio pumping leg blast fitness party you’ve come to love. Then you’ll take those endorphins to the floor and use your bike as your barre! BarreFlow uses variations of movement from Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. It will have you working muscles in a totally different way. Finish with a stretch.

Strength | Power | Flexibility