The REV REWARDS Program powered by Wellness Living

Riding at Rev not only boosts cardio endurance, burns major calories, and tones muscles while still going easy on your joints, but it also allows you to choose rewards! Whether you like the personal challenge, need the extra push, or want to share your Rev love with family and friends, earning rewards makes it that much more fun.
Earn 5pts when you check into 5 classes per week.
Earn 50pts when you purchase a monitor
Earn 5pts when you write a review
Earn 5pts on your birthday
Earn 25pt when you refer a friend who purchases classes or a membership
* Fast Points….. Rev will periodically spotlight special events or classes for riders to earn Fast Points!


Rev Rewards

150 Points:  $10 off Rev Membership

250 Points:  One Area Laser Hair Removal at The Saratoga Family Medicine Med Spa

250 Points:  One Month Unlimited Tanning at Warmth Sun Spa Clifton Park

300 Points:  The Revolution Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor

300 Points:  Free Facial at The Saratoga Family Medicine Med Spa

300 Points:  $100 off Spa Package at The Saratoga Family Medicine Med Spa

400 Points:  Free Headshot with Genine Gullickson Photography