Who We Are

The Revolution is Upstate New York’s largest indoor cycling venue. Studios are staffed with real athletes with a passion for cycling, music, and people. Rev has the most motivational instructors in the business. Come as you are and improve your mind, body, and soul. We ride together in high intensity packs to become the best version of ourselves!

We’ve been known as a “party on a bike” cardio session – pumping anything from dance hits to heavy metal – but riding at The Revolution is so much more than that. It’s more than stationary bikes. It’s more than a darkened room.

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How We Do It?

Music is the driving force behind every workout and the livelihood of The Revolution. Mesmerizing beats and dim lighting inspire us, motivate us, and allow us to let loose. Get ready to explode with energy to pounding playlists created by instructors. More into the numbers? The Revolution uses numbers to push riders. Using Performance IQ software, riders see current heart rate, work zones and calories burned during the ride on a flat screen in class (emails sent after each workout to track performance and progress – plus monthly read outs.) This real time reporting is the real deal and certainly appeals to the inner competitor in all of us!

Why We Do It

Results! Burn average of 400-600 calories per class and transform your body. We LOVE what we do and want you to LOVE it too!

Tips For New Riders

  • Set UpA rushed setup is no fun. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early to make sure the instructor can help prep you for an epic first ride. This includes checking in, studio layout, and set up of your bike.  
  • What to WearPrepare to sweat. We recommend wearing workout clothes that won’t get in the way of your pedals. If you do not have spd compatible cycling shoes, it’s ok to wear a firm sneaker. Don’t forget a water bottle and a towel!
  • The Ride: Loud, sweaty, and fun. Our classes can feel a lot like a party or a concert with multiple artists.  We usually start class with a warm-up followed by a release of endorphins with climbs, sprints and tap backs. Some class formats refocus with a weight series or ab/floor workout. (check schedule) We typically finish class by chasing one final cardio push and end with a restorative stretch.
  • Helpful Hint – Our rides move at a fast pace and may seem overwhelming at first. Just know, this is your ride and you can take as many breathers as you need. It’s okay to skip choreography if you are not ready or comfortable yet. You’ll be surprised how quickly you get the hang of it.  We hope you walk out feeling grounded, exhilarated, and inspired—taking that positive energy with you.  

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