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Indoor Cycling at The Revolution is literally the only thing I’ve changed! I was super sick from end of Dec until around May when I got the clear to start from my PT, I jumped at it. I stopped swimming competitively at the end of freshman year of college (15 years ago) and I haven’t worked out regularly since! So I am pretty much a walking statement of, if I can do it, literally ANYONE can :) Pooja


I'm 52 years old and started spinning at the Loudonville location on Dec 1st. At that time I really needed to get into some sort of routine. I was asked to go multiple time with a good friend who also spins there. Well needless to say I am three months into spinning at The Revolution, averaging 4-5 classes a week and I am down around 16 lbs or so without dieting. Rev has the best instructors who motivate and keep me coming back for more!!


I am the girl who until recently, has only ever known life as an overweight person. Despite my best efforts, I could never get and keep weight off. In February 2013, at over 100 lbs overweight I sustained a major knee injury with nerve damage too my quad muscle. This was my eye opener. I could barely get around. I had a husband and two young children that I couldn't take care of. My injury took 7 months of rehab to get better and in that time I started to complete the first piece of my puzzle. I started making major changes to what I ate and how much. Much to my surprise, the weight started coming off. By September 2014, I had lost 120 pounds. I was doing home exercise programs and running but my knee wasn't holding up well...something was still missing. In January 2015 my close friend and coworker texted me saying, "you should try spinning with me, at The Revolution in Clifton Park, at 5:30 in the morning". I can't believe it but me, queen of excuses, said yes right away. After my first class with Toni, I was hooked. THIS WAS IT!!! My missing puzzle piece. Something that I love doing, can safely do with my former injury, is a major calorie burn, and has toned my muscles more than any workout I've ever done before. Its the bookend to my weight loss story. I LOVE the environment at The Rev, the instructors, and other spinners there. I see The Rev as being a part of my routine for a long time.

~ Karen D.


Have to give Nancy and the other instructors at The REVOLUTION, lots of credit for you help in my weight loss.  Thirty pounds and still going !!
Thanks again !!!


~ Andy DiPalma


Just wanted to share my REVOLUTION....
I took my first spin class last October with encouragement from a friend . I was not happy with some recent weight gain that wouldn't come off, was not feeling healthy and was having tension headaches so I made a decision to get healthy! Since last October, I have lost 12lbs and 2 sizes! That is from only going 2-3 times a week! I also started running at the end of May! Anyone who really knows me knows that is huge for me! My running career consisted of the run you have to do in high school for gym! The first time I ran, I ran 1.5 miles without stopping! Spin definitely gets you in shape and makes you stronger! I got up to 2 miles before I had to take a rest for an injury but I will be back running soon and my goal is to complete a 5k run. Not only am I healthier but I have made some great new friendships! It's great to be a part of a group of people that encourage you and support you! My son has also taken a few classes me and it's nice to be able to do something together that encourages a healthy lifestyle!
Proud to be a part of Spin Revolution!


before-afterThe decision I made to start at The REVOLUTION changed my life! I walked in on 1/27/3,after being asked to be a bridesmaid for an upcoming wedding. I was feeling less than confident that I would fit in the dress. I have tried other workouts before and wasn't sure what was going to be "different" this time, but I soon found out. The amount of support and encouragement I got from the staff and the other clients in class was incredible. From healthy eating tips, to pushing outside my comfort zone-this place was great!! I have really enjoyed every minute. I have lost 70lbs and am now a size 12!! My resting heart rate also wen from 98 to 60! I have never felt better in my entire life. I am happy and have found a new love for shopping!

My goal is to lose another 50lbs before my 40th birthday and I am confident with my continued healthy lifestyle that will happen. I wake up and want to shout from the mountain tops "I am so happy and I love The REVOLUTION!"

I want to reach out to anyone who is concerned or afraid to get started-INBOX me! I will even take a class with you because I know how hard it is to start but how rewarding it will be!

~ Kelly Crowley Saposnick


Shar’s Journey

I have always been caught up in the number on the scale, the size of the jeans.  Although those forms of measurement are still important to me, I now understand that there are so many other ways to measure success in this healthy lifestyle journey.   Healthy is the new Skinny! 

This is my story.

In many ways, I am similar to other moms or even anyone hitting their 40’s.  Before I had kids, I was not a heavy person.  I was just girl that always thought she needed to lose 10 lbs.  I generally felt and looked healthy.

At 38 I got married.  I was pregnant 4 months later and had Sydney at 40.  I was sick for the entire 10 months of the pregnancy and gained over 50lbs.  I was still hanging on to over 25lbs when I got pregnant for Jack.  Again, the pregnancy was extremely difficult and I was sick the entire time.   I managed to lose the “Jack” weight but still was carrying all of the weight from my first pregnancy. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t even know who the person was that was staring back at me.  I knew I was in there somewhere but, “she” was hard to find.   I was disgusted with myself and my inner voice was just brutal.

As a single person, I had always been active and loved rollerblading, volleyball and dance classes.  I really missed those activities but I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate them into this new life of mine.  I had to come up with something else.

During what I call my desperate phase I did Nutrisystem, a diet delivery meal plan, and Medifast.  I had some success but I never really felt good and it was always short lived.  I think my body was probably in shock and angry with me!

Jack was 2 when I decided enough was enough.  I was 45! 

I gained and lost the same 8 lbs. the first half of 2011.   In July I said enough is enough.  Hired a trainer and by October had GAINED 8lbs.  I think my metabolism had flat lined.  After that, I started having success but still needed to find my love.  What was going to keep me coming back for more?

Enter the Revolution, Spin Revolution!

In January 2012,   my sister encouraged me to sign up for a spin class.  I was excited to give it a try but so anxious because I had such a long way to go to “look” healthy.  I wondered if I wasn’t “fit” enough to go.  But I did and I can’t even express how I felt in that first class.  Can they all tell that I can’t keep up?  How the hell am I supposed to get myself out of the saddle?  Please please just give me the strength to finish so I can walk out of here with my dignity!!!  It was tough.  I was internally beating myself up.  I still hated myself for being the “fat” girl in the back row, hiding and ashamed.    But I went, I finished and I went back for more.   I was proud of myself.  Even that first class, as hard as it was, left me with that “runner’s high” feeling.  From the beginning I felt encouraged by Nancy.   I got over that initial saddle sore period.    I added spinning into my routine.   At 3 months I was a regular.  As my confidence grew, I started taking the other instructors classes.  That feeling of encouragement from the instructors was a common thread.   Everyone gives you their ALL for that hour. 

At 6 months I started doing doubles on Sunday.  The habit formed, the passion ignited.  I was HOOKED. Spinning had become my “thing”; the Revolution in particular.  This place is completely different from other spinning facilities.  I personally believe that there is a unique energy and true camaraderie spirit shared by those that regularly attend classes.   The variety of classes that are offered keep you from getting stale or bored.  The workout is always a challenge for me.  As I get stronger, I push harder; always striving to improve my strength and endurance.    Motivation requires finding what you love. For me, it’s a spin class. 

So, when I think about where I am today…

In January 2013 I celebrated my 1 year Anniversary at Spin Revolution by taking and PASSING the certification course to become a spin instructor!  Passing that certification course was a “crossing the finish line” moment for me; A Gift to myself.  I have lost a total of 48lbs, reduced my BMI, lost over 8 inches in my waist and said goodbye to 3 sizes. What I have gained is love and regained confidence in myself, surrounded myself with wonderful people who are fitness minded and supportive of a healthy lifestyle and HUGE respect for all who take that first step into any fitness center. This may sound cliché but if I can do this, anyone can do this.  The hardest part is taking that first step. But I am 48 and feel better than ever.  Thank you Nancy and the Revolution!  

I’d say this is “the end” but really this is only the beginning!!!!

Shar Before Shar Before


"I NEVER thought Spinning was for me but gave it a try and in the first 8 weeks of doing it I lost almost 10 lbs and untold inches off my stomach, waist and chest! Spinning works...Spinning at The Revolution works BIG TIME!!!" 
~ Tred Hulse


"My husband  and I have kept track of our weight and inches lost. I am down about 12 pounds and 16 inches as of the first week in August(started in Oct) and my husband has lost about 25 pounds and 10 inches. Both of us feel better, look better and really enjoy the work out.... I've taken 4 minutes off my 5k time ... Thank you  REVOLUTION for all you've done for my self esteem, my fitness and my physical health"
~ Erin Mason


"You walk into a room with funky lighting wondering if you’ll make it through and thanks to the incredible motivation from the instructors,& the other Revolution fanatics on either side of you , you walk out invigorated, toned, refreshed and sweaty!  The Revolution has provided incredible change in me over the past year both physically and mentally – as they say “it’s not how you start but how you finish,” and the instructors combined with the music (and the instructors questionable singing ) make you leave with a “can do attitude.”   And, it’s not just about exercise – the friendships developed and the events planned create a social environment as well – Thank You."
~Charolotte Gilet



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