The Revolution



Dana Silano Pohleven , Assistant store manager and the Community liaison at Athleta Albany, is  a certified BarreFlow and group fitness instructor. D enjoys running and strength training.  She began instructing  indoor cycling in 2016.

Up until December of 2010, she had a very different lifestyle. After losing her [step]father to a heart attack, she put down cigarettes and picked up sneakers. Weeks later, she ran her first 5K, and hasn’t stopped since. D has run countless races from 5Ks to marathons.  She started taking cycling  classes as a cardio alternative to change up her routine. After that, she was hooked, and certified!

She attributes it all to a tragedy that taught her a very hard lesson about heart health — it was her stepdad’s final gift.

D is passionate about health, fitness, music and fashion. A lot of love and thought goes into the playlists she curates for her classes. Rhythm, counts and fun are what drive her energy — and she thrives on yours, too.